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Welcome!  I am Gidget Taylor, Founder and CEO of The Puvet Company. The basis of my belief is “the light of man is the spirit of God.”   My mission is to cultivate that light of man through teaching, expression of creativity and giving.  It is my aim to express that light in each piece.  I am a wife and a mother of three beautiful, creative children.  I find motivation in God, spending time with my family, and creating.  I believe love is the motivation for all of Creation and the expression of beauty is an automatic extension of that motivation.
Surprisingly, I received my inspiration and training as a designer in the biology lab and field study while attaining my Bachelor of Science from Elmhurst College in Illinois.  Always a biologist at heart, I am intrigued by the magnificence and beauty of living things and their relationships to the environment and to one another.  My inspiration is reflected in my work and ethics.  It is my pleasure to give an array of color, texture, dimension, surprise, teaching, and inspiration in each piece.  My philosophy is to always give in a 3-fold design.  Each one of my pieces is designed to appeal to the soul, the spirit and the mind.  At The Puvet Company. you will always find unique pieces with exceptional quality and workmanship.




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