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1duvet cover, 2 scenes!

Detachable and interchangeable pillow-top characters form either the HAPPY DAY or NIGHT LIFE scenes. 

Intricate Detail

Picturesque scene boldly displays a beautifully embossed quilted background, bordered by oversized buttons and decorated with delightful pillow characters that will engage your child in hours of imaginative play and sweet rest. 

All 8 pieces included for $289.99 plus tax, shipping and handling!








The Puvet functions year-round both as a beautiful bed spread in warmer climates and as a cozy coverlet in colder climates once your existing comforter is inserted.  The clever two-part base is 100% cotton and detachable via easy, hidden snaps around its perimeter.


CPSC Safety Certification

The Puvet Company is proud to say that our treasured Puvet meets or exceeds all safety regulations mandated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and has been tested by an independent laboratory approved by the CPSC.




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