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Now that you have graced your space with the basics (HAPPY DAY/NIGHT LIFE) soon, you will be able to transform the theme of your room without a complete overhaul! 

The Puvet Company is delighted to bring you 3 new instant conversion kits to transform your Puvet: The Dino Box, Rumble-in-the-Jungle Box and the Spring-Theme Box.   


    The Dino Box

o   Convert your Puvet to a cool prehistoric theme with this kit which includes a terrific pterodactyl to replace your day and night flyers and a cool nest with prehistoric eggs to replace your day and night crawlers.


    Rumble-in-the-Jungle Box

o   Jump into the jungle with this kit containing a funny monkey and other jungle characters to replace your day and night creatures to create a jovial jungle theme!


    The Spring-Theme Box

o   Re-decorate your space for spring in an instant with this box containing a Dragon-So-Fly dragonfly and flagrant flowers with much flava!

 Please stay tuned for more details, debut sketches and prototypes!





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